1. Here We Are

From the recording WINTER WEEPING / SUMMER JOY

Words & music by Christie Rose
Produced & engineered by Jeff Zipp at The Recording Suite, Vancouver BC
Mastered by Brock McFarlane, CPS Mastering



Well, I have learned at thing or two, though I know nothing to this day
But I got two tin cans and a string to give and take it, either way
Here we are, here we are,
bumming for a light from star to star
And you blurt it out into the mix where it's forgotten just as quick
Or else you keep it under wraps where no one's bound to give a shit
Your hopes and dreams, all your hopes and dreams
No one to tell but God, it seems

Well, the salesman is in need and he sees you for a fix
Sweet talk on which the empty feed who've forgotten how to get their kicks
Just nod and smile, just nod and smile,
you can withstand it, at least for a little while
And go conjure up the charmed and damned to be risen from the crust
Oh, who would seek the upper hand to leave their heroes in the dust?
Just live and breathe, just live and breathe
with all your wisdom to bequeath
And throw your hat into the ring and sing and dance into the flame,
where the lion kills the ringmaster who could've sworn that he was tame
You're free and wild, oh! you're free and wild!
A madman! An eternal child!

But with your innocence in doubt you fear to bear the mark of sin
While trying to talk your way back out, you found you wound up deeper in
Bravo! Well put! You took that bullet in the foot
And this one hears a voice say "karma", so he pauses, hesitates
They say you get what you deserve, and that one's been good so he waits by the pearly gates
Or just toss the coin, just roll the dice
Maybe by chance that's the only sound advice for you...

He said, "I never see you anymore"
She said, "I cannot find my grin"
In this game, if you wanna stand the test of time you've gotta put your hours in
Oh busy bee, oh busy bee,
I guess I'll see you 'round in the next century
But when the arms of passion take you, it's best not to think too much
like when you placed your trembling hands upon the first you ever touched
Oh boys n' girls, n' girls n' girls, n' boys n' boys
Oh winter weeping,
Oh summer joy

Well, we started off in heaven, but now we're brought back down to earth
Let us get back to the beginning by some miraculous rebirth
Oh, good and evil and beyond
Oh, bad n' good
They've got the same ol' door in the same ol' neighbourhood
But there are systems, there are theories that would seek to frame the truth
Well, tell me, if Love's the only engine, do we know it by faith or know it by proof?
Questions and answers, oh! it's reason's curse
Who can explain how a speck of dust contains the universe?

Well, here were are, here we are
Bumming for a light from star to star
Here we are, here we are
Thumbing for a ride from star to star
Yes, here we are, here we are,
Fumbling around all over the place